Thumb Monkeys – Are They Real?

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Most people have seen pictures of thumb monkeys on the Internet. In the event that you haven’t seen a picture of these adorable creatures, they are monkeys that are so small that they fit on the thumb of a human. As depicted in different pictures, these tiny animals are able to crawl from one finger to another on a human’s hand.

When people see one or more of these pictures, their initial reaction usually involves oohing and aahing over the cuteness of these creatures. However, after they have a minute to absorb the cuteness of these animals, their next question is whether or not these animals are real. Because it’s so easy to doctor pictures that are on the Internet, it’s easy to be skeptical about something that you’ve never seen in person. However, while many of the images that appear online are simply the product of clever Photoshopping, these creatures do actually exist.

The actual name for thumb monkeys is dwarf monkeys. These creatures are also known as pygmy marmosets. They are officially the smallest true monkeys in the entire world. To give you an idea of how small these monkeys are, they weigh less than half an ounce. As a comparison, five quarters weigh one ounce. That means that one of these monkeys weighs just a little more than two quarters.

Although these monkeys are incredibly small, they typically live long lives. When they live in captivity, it’s common for them to enjoy a life-span of over two decades.

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