The Relationship of Monkeys and Humans

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Monkeys are some of the most popular animals in the world, and they got to be very beloved due to their amazing intelligence. This is why monkeys and humans developed many relationships, some of which are very nice, others not so great. Monkeys are very worshipped by some people, especially in the Hindu religion. Then, many people grew fond of monkeys due to the numerous circus performances they were involved in throughout the years, so it is clear that when it comes to the entertainment industry, monkeys make true stars. The incredible intelligence and learning capabilities of monkeys drove people to believe that they make great pets, too.

The truth is that some monkeys actually do, but they would rather not be in captivity. Some of the greatest features that monkeys have is that, if properly trained, they can be used as service animals for the disabled persons. As monkeys are very smart, they have been trained by some organizations to assist the disabled people, like the paraplegic, providing them with things that they need but cannot reach. Then, many researchers use monkeys for experiments, as they are the animals that resemble the most to the humans. Unfortunately, many of them end up losing their lives. While the use of monkeys in laboratories is controversial, we must admit that many experiments conducted on monkeys led to significant discoveries for the human kind.

Monkeys have also been used in space exploration programmers, by many countries. There are, though, cases when the relationship of humans and monkeys is not so fortunate. This happens when monkeys are considered as pests, because they can cause extensive damage in the agricultural industry. In some areas, they are killed in monkeys drives, which is a major issue regarding the conservation of endangered species. No matter this case, monkeys are extremely cute, and they can be seen in mostly every zoo in the world. They have developed a nice relationship with their caregivers, which means that monkeys can also be loving and thankful.

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