Sea Monkeys

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If you want to experience one of life’s little miracles, spend some time watching sea monkeys grow will turn out to be the most spectacular educational activities of a lifetime. Just for the record, the sea monkey exits in its small egg for years, suspended in animation. Here’s a way to think about it. Sea Monkeys are more or less time travelers who embark on a unusual journey into the future, sleeping in biological time.

Sea Monkeys get their name from their long tails and outrageously funny behavior. Artemia NYOS is their scientific name and interestingly enough, they happen to be a species of brine shrimp. Their life cycle is truly amazing. With the help of technology in addition to chemicals that are non-toxic and ultra pure, nearly two times as many Sea Monkeys hatch instantly, grow, and live much longer than they have int he past. If you plan to purchase a sea monkey tank, your pet will live for almost 2 years under these conditions.

It’s not necessary to bone up on chemistry or master biology in order to care for sea monkeys. Many kits come with a pre-blended formula containing magic crystals guaranteeing the perfect results. Simply pay close attention to the instructions and soon you have have one of the most mysterious wonders of the world peering back at you. Picture the period at the end of a sentence and you’ll see just how small sea monkeys are at birth. They eventually grow in length to1/2 inches up to 3/4 inches. Sea Monkeys are not harmful and in the end will be an inspiring experience.

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