Monkeys Are Very Intelligent

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Monkeys are very intelligent animals and they are very cute, able to do a lot of things that make us love them a lot. Monkeys are cute when they are small, babies, but also when they grow up. Monkeys are very smart and in conclusion they can be trained and they do a lot of interesting and also funny things. You can see them at the zoo, but also they are present at the circus. It is interesting that there is a type of monkey that is as small as the thumb that you could lose it in your palm. Monkeys are found in America, Africa, Asia and there are several species with different sizes. Many experiments have been made on monkeys and they are often hunted or captured in order to be sold as pets or to different circus, so their life is often in danger.

Sea monkeys, arctic monkeys, flying monkeys are all interesting species and some of them are still studied more and more. Scientists say that we evolved from monkeys and even though you believe it or not, one thing is very clear: we resemble a lot with them. It is also very interesting that monkeys communicate very well  and they take care very well of each other. Monkeys live in communities and they feed with leaves, with insects, bananas and they are  fast .

Many hypothesis are related to the fact that humans evolved from monkeys and what is great about them is that they are able to learn new things easily and in a short period of time. In the zoos you will have a great time when you will see monkeys. Baby monkeys are also very beautiful and loved especially by kids. Monkeys had several meanings, symbols and they appeared in movies. Scientists still study them and try to find as many as possible things as there can be, hoping that this way, we will find something also about our evolution and development in time. In case you want a monkey as a pet, then you must know that you will have to ensure the necessary space and other conditions that are very important.

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