Monkeys Are Endangered

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Monkeys are mammals, very similar to humans, evolution theories saying that humans evolved from these animals. Monkeys live in groups, this way they are stronger and able to fight against their enemies. These cute and intelligent animals were endangered and still are, as they are used in laboratories for tests and experiments, but the worst part is that many of them die after that. It is true that this meant important discoveries for us, but what about these creatures? Monkeys are also used at circus where they are trained and participate in shows where people come to watch these creatures doing a lot of funny things. Although monkeys are adored by so many people, perhaps the cutest are monkeys babies, which are so nice and funny. Both adults and children love them.

The sad part is that there are not so many monkeys in the wild, and also few in captivity, at the zoo. It is an opportunity for us to see them, but it would be better if we could do something to know they are safe and we are not destroying their habitat anymore. This happens very often as we deforest large areas to built factories, roads or even houses. The consequences are devastating for monkeys as they do not have any food, no shelter to hide from enemies and to raise their babies. The same thing happens with many other animals, so perhaps teaching our children to protect animals and to fight against irrational deforesting, we will not be the last ones to watch monkeys in the zoo.

There are many countries where monkeys  are confronted with such problems, but these countries are too poor to solve that, so it is required the help of stronger and richer countries, on a global level, to ensure that these wonderful creatures are safe and will not be another extinct animal species. If monkeys problem will be solved, we will have the great chance to admire them many years from now on. The difference will be that they will be more in the wild than in the zoos.

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