Monkeys And Humans

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As technology advanced and lots of new research projects take place, many animals are used for tests. One of the most tested animals are monkeys. Monkeys have been subjected to many experiments, concerning animal protection associations in the entire world. Monkeys are tested to discover new things about diseases, but also for testing different products or theories. After a pill has been invented, the next step is testing it and observing the side effects. As monkeys are so similar to humans, they are used for this purpose, as well. Monkeys are infected with several viruses of different severe or incurable diseases. To some extent, this is useful because this is the way and the chance that we have to discover a lot of interesting things and maybe one day, we will be able to find the cure for AIDS or other incurable diseases.

Monkeys are not endangered only because they are subjected to a lot of laboratory experiments, but their habitat has been compromised. Industry has developed, as well as real estate market. A lot of buildings and factories are built and many areas are deforested. Additionally, pollution is also a huge problem. The results are devastating: there is not enough food and plants to protect the monkeys and their babies.

Monkeys are very interesting animals. Nonetheless, there are still a lot of things to find out about them, but this doesn’t mean that they have to be tested so much.  These incredible and smart animals are in danger, but we can still do a lot for them. Stopping massive deforestation is a solution, as well as keeping the air clean. This is available for the next generations, so parents have to explain their children that monkeys need our help, as well as other animals. In case we don’t want them to disappear, we have to fight for that. The same thing many associations try to do, but when there are so many material interests, it’s difficult to succeed. If not, we will not have the opportunity to admire them in the zoos or in the wild, which is very sad.

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