Monkey Abuse in 2011

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For any animal lover, the idea of ever harming a monkey is unthinkable. Sadly, not everyone on the globe feels that way. Although it seems truly barbaric, there are still people in the world who are willing to harm these wonderful animals. The first place where these animals are being abused in 2011 is in Thailand. If you only heard an overview of people talking about what was going on with monkeys in Thailand, it might not sound that bad at first. That’s because the overview of what’s happening is that adorable monkeys are playing instruments to entertain tourists. However, the reason this is far from being something cute is because these monkeys are actually chained up as they are playing these instruments. Unfortunately, that’s not where the abuse stops. Because these monkeys are forced to perform for so long, they are physically weak. And to top off the shameful abuse, when the monkeys don’t perform a trick because they are simply exhausted, they are hit with stones until they resume performing.

Another place where reports of monkey abuse have surfaced is in Indonesia. The reports coming from this area are quite similar to those in Indonesia. What was truly heartbreaking about one of these reports is that not only was the monkey forced to perform by the side of the road while being chained up, but the monkey being forced to do this was actually a mother who was trying to nurse its baby. Additionally, people investigating these reports have discovered that the abusers who exploit these monkeys for money push them so hard during training that they sometimes end up killing them.

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