Famous Monkeys

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Monkeys are really interesting and extremely intelligent, which is probably why they have been featured in so many films over the years. Regardless of the species, these animals of all kinds, shapes, sizes and ages, have had a major impact in the development of film making revolving around animal kinds. The monkeys that appeared in entertainment so far, have been made famous by the films they were in, music videos, famous owners or as fictional characters.

One of the famous monkeys in the entertainment business was Bubbles, Michael Jackson’s chimp, who lived on the Neverland Ranch. Bubbles always appeared in images dressed, as all stereotypes picture monkeys, in a diaper. The weird thing about this particular one was that it was performing house duties and chores. Another example of one of the most famous monkeys of all times, is the fictional character called Curious George. This animated monkey appeared for the first time in 1941, in the cartoons designed by Hans Augusto Rey and Margaret Ray. Curious George made a great impact in the formation of the children of those times, constructing an image that showed monkeys, not only as a curious species, but also as an intuitive and intelligent one. In cinematographic productions, one of the most well-known monkeys of our times is Jack, the little pirate monkey from Pirates of the Caribbean. It has created a huge image around small species of monkeys and their use in films as a character to be watched and kept in mind. Jack appeared as the pet animal of captain Hector Barbossa, played by Geoffrey Rush, named this way in order to mock captain Jack Sparrow, the character played by Johnny Depp.

Other famous monkeys in all sorts of entertainment means are: Nkima (Tarzan), Abu (Alladin),  Buddhist Monkey (Happy Tree Friends), I. R. Baboon (I Am Weasel), Mojo Jojo (The Powerpuff Girls), Nikko (Wizard of Oz), Spike (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls), Monkey (The Hangover Part II) and many more.   

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