Everything You Want to Know About Monkeys

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Have you ever went to the zoo and seen the monkeys there? Do you know how many different species of monkeys there are in the world? There are a lot and more and being discovered every day. There are monkeys that live in the jungle and monkeys that live in the desert. They live all over the world. There are so many monkeys that work for a living and monkeys that have traveled to space. They are out of this world.

Monkeys live in communities and take care of each other. There is one dominate male that leads the pack and protects the rest of the clan. Some monkeys make a nest to sleep in and some of them sleep in trees so they are protected from predators. Other monkeys are domesticated and are seen in zoos and science labs all over the world.

Monkeys and a lot like humans because of the way they communicate with each other, the way they walk, and the way the play and eat. These things lead scientists to believe that the humans evolved from monkeys. If you have seen planet of the apes, that’s what some people think that it was like before humans. Some people think that monkeys just started walking upright and that’s how the human race was created.

There are many things that the human race can learn from the apes and monkeys from the way they communicate to the way they sleep. There are people studying the monkeys and learning new things.

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