Monkeys as well as apes are a part of “Primates” order and they are divided in several important families:

- Aotidae : night monkeys species ( 8 species )

- Atelidae: with important species like spider and wooly monkeys ( 24 species )

- Cebidae: capuchins, squirrel monkeys and tamarins ( 56 species )

- Pitheciidae: species like sakis and uakaris ( 41 species )

Here are some of the most well-known monkey species:

Black-headed Spider monkey – a New World type monkey, that can be found in the jungles of Central and South America, Panama, Ecuador and Columbia. This species is known as a diurnal and arboreal, spending most of the time climbing and brachiating high above the ground. Primatologists consider that this monkey is an endangered species nowadays because their population has been reduced drastic for the past 45 years ( about 80 % ).

Bonnet Macaque – a diurnal type that is classified as an Old World monkey. The usual habitat is India and these monkeys are known for being rather aggressive. Their specific gestures are called “Lip smacking” and “Grimace”.

Central American Squirrel monkey – these monkeys usually live in groups between 20 and 75 individuals and are known to be omnivorous, eating fruits, plants and small vertebrates. This kind of Squirrel monkeys can be found in the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and Panama. Their population also suffered some losses for the past years, still this species is considered a “vulnerable” one but not “endangered”

Geoffroy’s Spider monkey – another New World type of monkey that is inhabiting vast territories like Central America, Mexico and some parts of Columbia. These monkeys usually form societies consisting of 20 to 40 members and their weight is about 9 kg. Being a arboreal type the Spider monkeys spend most of their life in climbing through the trees.

Geoffroy’s Tamarin – this monkey is also know as Rufus or Red-crested tamarin and lives in the jungles of Panama and Columbia. Although it’s an arboreal New World type of monkey it comes down to the ground sometimes. Unlike the previous species this one usually lives in groups of 3 to 5 beings.

Mantled Howler – or the Howling Monkey also lives in South and Central America and it’s a representative of New World type. They are called “howlers” because of the loud noises and calls made by the males usually at dusk. This howls can be heard for several kilometers.

Marmoset – known also as Goeldi’s Monkey and the 25-th species of New World type, marmosets are very active monkeys living on the top of forest trees and feeding on small insects, fruits, plants and tree gum.

Panamanian Night monkey – this funny looking species can be found in such places like Panama and the Choco region of Columbia. A rather small monkey and a representative of lemurinus subspecies Panamanian monkey become very active at night time. The best places to see this species of monkey are secondary forests and coffee plantations.

Tufted Capuchin – this New World primate is also known as the Brown or Black-caped capuchin. This species living areal is South America and it’s known for being able to live in different types of habitats line dry forests, tropical and sub-tropical forests and secondary forests. This kind of capuchin is know to be the most powerful in comparison with other capuchins.