Arctic Monkeys

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The Arctic Monkeys are an alternative rock band that hail from High Green, England and that has been around since 2002. Currently the band consists of: Alex Turner on lead vocals and guitar; Jamie Cook on guitar; Nick O’Malley, who plays guitar and is a backup singer; Matt Helder, who plays the drums and is also a backup singer; and John Ashton, who plays guitar and is also used for backup vocals.

Arctic Monkey Hits

The band’s first album, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, debuted in 2006. This album was extremely popular even at the moment it was released, and it was even bigger in the United Kingdom than Oasis’ album Definitely Maybe. In the United Kingdom today, the Arctic Monkeys debut album is still the fastest-selling debut of any band in its history. Since that first album, the Arctic Monkeys have come out with two more. Favourite Worst Nightmare was released in 2007 and their latest, Humbug was released in 2009.

The Marketing Campaign

Before they were even signed, the Arctic Monkeys were hard at work promoting their music. They would give away albums online just to show people that their records were worth listening to. And that one day, they’d be worth buying. Once they became better known, their marketing campaign really started and of course, they started selling their albums at a cost.

Today, the Arctic Monkeys are still a very popular band through the United Kingdom, and they’re becoming more popular throughout the entire world. And the Arctic Monkeys have a great marketing campaign and of course, wonderful music to thank for it!

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