All You Need To Know About Monkeys

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Monkeys are cute, intelligent and lovable animals. Both children and adults adore them and actually many people keep monkeys into their homes as pets. There are many species of monkeys in the world today, about 264 being known until now. Most of them live in South America, Asia and Africa.


Monkeys, as well as gorillas, are part of the primate family. Different species have different characteristics, sizes, color, location and abilities. However, all monkeys are known to be able to communicate with each other. Studies have shown that they have different communication rituals performed when sensing danger, when calling a mate, but also when communicating with their young ones. They offer great care to their young ones and are really smart.

Here are some interesting facts about monkeys.

  • Monkeys are commonly included with Apes. However, the two species are very different. The main difference between them is that Apes have no tail. Apes are not part of the monkeys family.
  • They are usually divided into the New World and the Old World Monkeys.
  • Their sizes can vary a lot depending on the species, meaning that they can either be vary small or very large.
  • They have opposable thumbs, which help them when climbing.
  • Their fingers are much similar to the ones of humans and monkeys actually have fingerprints, too. 
  • A monkey was convicted for smoking a cigarette in Indiana.


  • The Pygmy Marmoset is the smallest monkey in the world, while the Mandrill is the largest one.
  • These animals feed with both plants and small animals. Some species actually eat dirt, too. Their usual diet includes fruits, grass, leaves, eggs and insects.
  • Monkeys peel their bananas before eating.
  • The South American Titi is one of the rarest monkey species. They are monogamous, meaning that they mate for life and become distressed when separated. They remain close to each other, showing their affection.


  • The loudest monkey can be heard from a distance of two to three miles. 
  • Howler monkeys spend more than 80 percent of their time resting. 
  • Most monkeys do not like to be touched.
  • They are great swimmers.
  • They can show love, anger, sadness or mourn. They also use body movement to communicate.
  • Most monkeys have a large brain, this being the reason why they are believed to be smarter than any other type of primates.
  • Monkeys make peace with each other and show affection by grooming. Grooming is a form of keeping their fur clean, but also of bonding.

  • Monkeys are actually worshiped in India.
  • The most common diseases diagnosed in monkeys are tuberculosis, simian herpes B and hepatitis infections. Most primates carry these diseases.
  • In some parts of the world, including Southeast Asia and Africa, monkey brains are eaten, being considered a delicacy.
  • Monkeys are among the most used animals in experiments, due to their physical and psychological similarity to humans. 
  • They live in tress, grasslands, mountains and forests.

There are many other interesting facts about monkeys you should know. These animals are very curious and they are today considered to be exotic pets. Still, in some countries, keeping these animals as pets is illegal. When monkeys are kept in captivity, they have to be entertained otherwise they can become really destructive.

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